July 20, 2024
Ronnies Sex Shop

Ronnies Sex Shop

Ronnies Sex Shop is an infamous establishment located in Barrydale, South Africa, along the scenic Route 62. Despite its name, it’s not actually a traditional sex shop but rather a quirky roadside bar and restaurant with a unique backstory.

The story goes that in the 1970s, Ronnie’s friends decided to prank him by painting “Ronnies Sex Shop” on the side of his family’s farm stall, which sold fruits and homemade preserves. Instead of being offended, Ronnie decided to embrace the name and added the word “pub” to the sign, transforming it into a roadside pub.

Since then, Ronnies Sex Shop has become a popular stop for travelers journeying along Route 62. It’s known for its laid-back atmosphere, colorful graffiti-covered walls, and eclectic decor. Visitors can enjoy a cold beer, hearty pub grub, and lively conversations with fellow travelers.

Despite its tongue-in-cheek name, Ronnies Sex Shop has become an iconic landmark in South Africa, attracting tourists from around the world who come to experience its unique charm and hospitality.

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